Sadooghi: More than 200 New Services and Application in Iran Telecom 2011

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28 آبان 1390
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Sadooghi: More than 200 New Services and Application in Iran Telecom 2011

According to Managing Director of Hamrah-e-Avval Iran Telecom ۲۰۱۱ is the base for Hamrah-e-Avval blooming.

According to a report released by Public Relations of MCI, Eng. Vahid Sadooghi, Managing Director of Hamrah-e-Avval, in a briefing on Thursday morning – the third day of Iran Telecom ۲۰۱۱, told to the media representatives that “we have launched more than ۲۰۰ new services and applications this year by local and foreign experienced companies.”

In connection with Hamrah-e-Avval’s new approach to the subscribers of Prepaid SIM Cards Sadooghi said: “we have contracts with ۲۷ operators from ۲۰ countries for provision of international roaming services for subscribers of Prepaid SIM Cards.”

Pointing out the discounts provided to Hajis this year, Sadooghi added: “the Hajis call tariffs from Iran have been decreased from ۲۷,۰۰۰ Rials / minute to ۴,۴۵۰ Rials / minute. Consequently, the call traffic for SMS has been increased by ۵۰۰%, call from KSA to Iran has been increased by ۷۰۰% and the calls from Iran to KSA by ۲۰۰%. Also, we come to an agreement with the UAE operator to consider ۶۰% discounts in roaming services and the negotiations will continue with other operators for the same arrangements in future.”

Adding that the reconstruction of the network is ongoing, he added: “the reconstruction operations of network in Tehran will be complete by end December.”

He also pointed out that the optimization process is ongoing, and said: “we are working with a Swiss company which compares the quality of Hamrah-e-Avval’s network with the operators in the region and in the world. The investigations show that our situation in some aspects of services is optimum especially from point of view of coverage.”

In connection with the number of subscribers, the Managing Director of Hamrah-e-Avval added: “we sold ۴۹ million SIM cards out of which ۴۶ million have been registered in the network and are ready to communication and there are ۳۴,۶۰۰,۰۰۰ active SIM Cards on the network.”

He added: “We sold more that ۴.۸ million new SIM Cards since March out of which ۴.۵ million are active now.”

Regarding the disconnection level, which is to be less than ۲% as outlined in the License, he added: “this index in Hamrah-e-Avval’s network is from ۰.۷ to ۰.۸ percent.”

In connection with Jiring service, Sadooghi said: “the service has not been set up fully yet; we are working on the regulations and try to obtain the permit from Central Bank.”

In connection with pulse service he added: “the approval is only relating to fixed telephones in inter-city calls only and the ۱۲% increase in call is only relating to this category.”

Then he pointed out that the exchange of numbers between different operators is a hard job and said: “the project should be investigated thoroughly and all prerequisites should be foreseen. The connection of number with the region is an advantage of Hamrah-e-Avval and could not be removed easily.”

Then Sadooghi pointing out the exchange of more than ۱۰۰,۰۰۰ MMS per day via the network added: “more than ۱۸۰ million to ۲۰۰ million SMS is also transmitted per day via Hamrah-e-Avval’s network. Also Hamrah-e-Avval has more than ۹.۵ million GPRS active subscribers who can send and receive MMS as well.”

Then the Managing Director of Hamrah-e-Avval said that: “I hope that the GPRS speed in Tehran to reach ۱۲۰ kbs by the end March.”

In connection with the people who disturb the people, he said: “since ۱۰۰% of our SIM Cards are registered, we respond all complains of telephone abuse.”

Saying that we have a known program for provision coverage in metro lines, Mr. Sadooghi said: “the issue will be dealt in a meeting we will have with Mr. Chamran in Tehran next week, where the problems of metro lines coverage will be discussed and decided.”

Saying that Hamrah-e-Avval will employ the experienced and professional ones in mobile network Mr. Sadooghi added: “the required specialties have been determined and notified.”

In connection with the advertisement expenses of Hamrah-e-Avval, Mr. Sadooghi said: “maximum one percent of Hamrhah-e-Avval’s incomes is allocated to advertisement.”

“More than ۲۰۰,۰۰۰ applications have been compiled for I phone and Android. We are seeking for translation and making them domestic.”

Pointing out that the calls list will only be given to the owner of SIM Card, he added: “after issuance of calls list, a SMS will be sent to the SIM Card owner in this regard; otherwise the calls list will be issued to others only upon court order.”